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Joan Miró, one of the best 20th century artists, was once quoted as saying “a chef becomes an artist when he expresses himself through his dishes, like a painter on a canvas”. These words perhaps best describe our restaurant’s work philosophy.

Our dedicated aim is to offer guests a unique gastronomic experience, and to this end we ensure that only the best produce available in the market is chosen to create top quality, flavour-enhanced dishes.

All the staff in Maravilla, from the chefs to the waiters, are committed to working as a team in orchestrated harmony, since we recognise that preparing and serving food is both an art and a great responsibility.

We look forward to the opportunity of showing you our prowess.

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Tenesor Baez Valerón

The saddest goodbye

19 April, 2017

There are times that the most bitter face appears in life and  at present we are going trough a hard time…

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Origins and evolution of the tartar

1 March, 2017

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loin meat

Matured meat

10 February, 2017

In our desire to offer our customers the best quality products, we have recently purchased a series of premium quality…

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